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The longer I teach,

the more I realize that, for me, the most important thing in a successful teaching experience is in having confidence in what I am doing.


How can it be that one day it feels like you have all the time in the world,

while the next morning, you feel overwhelmed. No new tasks arrived overnight, you are just one day closer to starting teaching.

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Another from digg

Something seems fishy here…

“The Answer is NOT always C” by Jeff Rosenberg on CollegeHumor

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Each year when I write my final, I learn something new about the material. I teach a course which emphasizes problem solving and some of the basic tools in the field. Every year, there are new innovations in practice, and you can use the basic tools to analyze them. And each year I realize how important the basic tools are, relative to teaching the new buzzwords. Over time, I have taught less and less material, but taught the material I did cover better and better.

The best email to get is from a recent grad who says “The material in your course really prepared me for dealing with new innovations in practice” Such emails don’t come often, but when they do, it really makes it all worthwhile.


I used to jump on tables when I taught. I am calmer now, but not much.

ext337: Presenter tips

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Spring weather

Nothing like spring weather to make the students enjoy class more. Everyone is so much jollier once the sun is out. It is hard to get people to work the closer the we get to the end of the term, though.

Useful to know

as I update my powerpoints for class:

beyond bullets: Headline news: Research shows that it matters what you write at the top of a slide

Although I am more and more convinced that the powerpoints are the least important part of doing well in the classroom…

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