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The blister on my foot has a blister.



I need to keep the linked article as a reminder,

next time someone asks to add to my commitments.

Simplify Your Life: Delete Unwanted Commitments | Dumb Little Man

I cannot think of a good headline for this,

nor much of anything to add:Gamernode: Industry Video Game News – The future is now. Games you control with pee

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How long I have waited to submit travel expenses?

a) 1 day
b) 1 week
c) 1 month
d) 1 year
e) still waiting
f) all of the above

A nice way to return to blogging

I felt like this before my vacation, not after….

Tired of Hanging Around Waiting to be Eaten on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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Drinking may not be so bad, say scientists – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

And moderate drinking is probably not a binding constraint:

Queensland Brain Institute director Professor Perry Bartlett says the report shows drinking alcohol does not kill off brain cells – and that drinking up to four standard glasses of wine a night might be beneficial.

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This is cool…

WFMU’s Beware of the Blog: Sly Stone Found!

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