How much do the rules

protect the cheaters, and how much do the rules protect the non-cheaters from the cheaters?


3 responses to “How much do the rules

  1. I’d say that there can’t BE cheaters without rules. So in that (Hobbesian) sense, the rules help cheaters.

    But the net effect of having rules must still be positive, yes?

  2. In theory yes. But in practice, the rules are costly-are they really enforced?

    The question is whether or not the ‘level’ of rules is too high, too low, or just right? Are they setting marginal cost = marginal benefit in regards to cheating?

  3. Немного не по теме, но смешно: Совет другу от подруги – еслиизнасилование неизбежно -расслабьтесь и насилуйте! 🙂

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