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There is nothing more fun in research

than starting on a new problem, because then it is all potential and new things to figure out.


Dividing up ideas/projects

I have done research with unique datasets.  Often with such samples, there are many different questions you can ask.  I have had very little success taking the dataset and simultaneously working on multiple problems, instead I find working serially more productive.  There aren’t many times I have seen ‘splitting up’ samples or ideas end up working well.

My impression is that isn’t true in other fields, such as those with big labs.  I wonder what the difference is?

How much do the rules

protect the cheaters, and how much do the rules protect the non-cheaters from the cheaters?

What’s exogenous here?

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There is little private information

that does not get out in the end.

This is why I believe in ‘no-arbitrage’ asset pricing as the baseline:

How to earn airmiles with limited cost.

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No-arbitrage asset pricing teaches us to look for the limits to arbitrage when we find a ‘money machine.’

The blister on my foot has a blister.