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the new iphone worspress client. Beauty, eh-I can spew random posts from everywhere.

When will I be able to show keynotes or PDF presentations from the device?


Perhaps not practical for all public speeches…

BBC NEWS | Health | Sex ‘cuts public speaking stress’

via:Digg – Sex ‘cuts public speaking stress’

The battery on my ipod touch is not lasting very long

since I updated to the new operating system. I think that it is polling the wireless a lot more than before?

Sometimes googleing yourself leads to interesting information

I found a pdf of a homeowork I wrote on a site for producers and playwrites hidden in some directory listing. I dunno why.

Do discussants help or hurt a conference?

I honestly don’t know.

They allow for more participation, and can get some discussion going.

But they also add a lot of work, and sometimes don’t add much intellectual discussion. I have, however, seem some great ones. Some not so great ones, too.

Is there a version for thesis topics?

swissmiss: Vending machine sells ideas for things to do

Unsurprising findings

Cite Check :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education’s Source for News, Views and Jobs