How I write reports

  • Read the manuscript and start thinking seriously about what is going on in the paper. This step may take all morning.
  • Step away from the task to get my unconscious thinking seriously about the issues.
  • Read the manuscript really carefully, with a file open making notes/comments for the report.
  • First pass write of the first part of the report–the paper summary and my overall comments on the paper.
  • Edit my notes into a numbered list of specific comments.
  • Edit the overall report.
  • Write the recommendation letter and submit the report.

The entire thing takes me two days or so. Too long, I suspect, given how long my refereeing queue is.

I am not dead, but life–at work and away from work–has been a bit overwhelming over the last few months. But things have settled down again.


One response to “How I write reports

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