Monthly Archives: September 2007

People are always overconfident about results from computers

jkOnTheRun: I just got a 50% raise thanks to Excel

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And another thing,

when I get those reports on my work, I need to remind myself: Persistence pays.

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How long to wait

from the time that you receive a report on one of your papers until you read it carefully. For me, I need to go home, take a deep breath, and then relax before I can read it carefully.

Too stressful, otherwise. Will I ever get over that? I bet not–even the day before I retire.

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The worst op-ed ever written? – By Ron Rosenbaum – Slate Magazine

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I keep trying to use my tablet pc

to replace yellow notepads for working things out. But no dice. Just like the way I prefer live music to digital, paper pads are just so much better than digital ones. Intellectually, it should not be true. But there it is.

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It is fall

and they are flushing the radiators in the office. Now I need to p every 5 minutes.

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In the old days,

you could use ‘widgets’ as an example of an industrial product, that needed a factory to produce, etc. But no more: Yahoo! Widgets – 1,000s of Widgets for your Mac or Windows Desktop.

I got nothing interesting nor novel to say today.

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