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Looks like an interesting paper

Is Peer Review in Decline?

Here’s the abstract:

Over the past decade there has been a decline in the fraction of papers in top economics journals written by economists from the highest-ranked economics departments. This paper documents this fact and uses additional data on publications and citations to assess various potential explanations. Several observations are consistent with the hypothesis that the Internet improves the ability of high-profile authors to disseminate their research without going through the traditional peer-review process.

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Simply worth keeping for future reference…

Making Light: Flamer Bingo

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Quantum Random Bit Generator Service

via: Digg – ‘True’ random number generator goes online

How not to give a paper at a conference

  1. Always arrive late to the session. 
  2. If you are using a computer to give the talk, make sure that you have to use yours.  And don’t boot it up until it is your turn to talk.
  3. Have more slides for the talk than the number of  minutes you have to give the talk:  If you have 20 minutes, make sure you have 30 slides.
  4. The smaller the font, the better.  And make sure how have lots of complicated equations and graphs with tiny legends.
  5. Make sure that you mention every result in your paper.  That way, the audience can choose the point of the paper themselves.
  6. Make sure that you go over your time, studiously avoiding the session chair trying to get you to stop.
  7. Make sure that the discussant does not get the latest version of the paper until late the night before the talk.
  8. Make sure you spend at least half your alloted time reviewing everyone else’s tangentially related work. 
  9. When you get a chance to respond to the discussant, make sure to make as many irrelevant debating points as possible.  For example, complain if the discussant forgets to mention one of your obscure papers in the discussion. 
  10. If the discussant finds some problems, blame your absent co-author.
  11. Never, ever thank the discussant for the comments.
  12. Always talk to your neighbors when the other people in the session are talking.  If you cannot do that, at least look bored.
  13. Be clear that you need to suck up to the bigshots in the audience.

Some of these may be discipline specific.

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I feel like this after the recruiting conference

Favorite line:

They’re actually really really nice.


Drinking may not be so bad, say scientists – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

And moderate drinking is probably not a binding constraint:

Queensland Brain Institute director Professor Perry Bartlett says the report shows drinking alcohol does not kill off brain cells – and that drinking up to four standard glasses of wine a night might be beneficial.

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Either I’m a newborn, or as old as the hills!

Classic Fallacies — All People in Canada are the Same Age

Or maybe I will just age as I leave Canada…