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Never let the person using Scientific word

do the tables if you use latex. You will pay when you edit and it will be expensive.

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I can has homewurk now?

We have lol cats. We have lol president . Can lol professors be far behind?


Less the 5 reports to write, and no classes until the fall. I will even have a manuscript resubmission done in a few weeks…


My first ever publication with a new take on an old problem, showing that issues that other researchers tend to ignore were actually important in explaining some practical problems. I never felt it dismissed the other concerns, but instead showed that something else could be important. Imagine my surprise when I met an older researcher who said that we were now in conflict, and there was a controversy. That researcher had been working on similar issues for a long time, and never saw the point in my paper. So a controversy was ginned up.

The sad thing is that no one but that other person ever knew about the controversy. And I still read papers by that person ignoring the point in our paper. Sad, sad, sad. And pointless.


The six myths of creativity: Fortune

I like myth #3: Time Pressure Fuels Creativity. But I would add: stress to produce output helps creativity, if you keep working.

I have been reading about heterodox economics. I think that Mungowitz end (now renamed) nails it: Kids prefer cheese. I agree with the comments.

I am happy to see new stuff. But long-winded diatribes about the stupidity of the old stuff is a waste of time; show why your approach gives more useful results. If your stuff is better, eventually you will win.

Better does not just mean more realistic, but instead means clearer, easier to follow, more internally consistent, more powerful tools, and so on. None of the heterodox papers I looked at really satisfied that (although that may reflect my ignorance). Look how beautifully written the really successful papers are. I don’t think that is a fluke. That reflects the work and craftsmanship of the research. Its no surpise that Keynes was a great writer.