Daily Archives: May 23, 2007

Brilliant comment on my first few IKEA purchases

You need to simply replace the Avengers with “Graduate Students” all who will end up with PhD degrees: defective yeti: Wish-I-Could-Draw Comics!

Also add in a panel the next day about how easily the ‘Billy bookcases’ fall apart when you move to start your first job.

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I am a bit nervous

as the conference travel season begins.

Viagra helps jet-lagged hamsters, maybe humans, too: study – Yahoo! News

It seems to only work going east though. Will all flights now go only from west to east? The flight from Eupope to New York is going to take a looooong time now.

I heard what may be an urban legend from a friend. They took a long plane ride and the man beside them was watching pr0n on his laptop. Eeeck.’

via slate.

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