I have a tablet PC

that I use for class. But my desktop is a mac. Today I used keynote to build a presentation, the first time in a while after a semester of powerpoint. Man, powerpoint sucks relative to keynote. Cutting and pasting in pdf’ed equations, tables, and graphs in keynote is great for making technical presentations.

I know that I could use the latex packages to do the same, but putting in pictures in latex is painful. And I have not yet found a good clean style I like in ‘prosper.’

Boring blog, but I got nothing today.

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2 responses to “I have a tablet PC

  1. Try “beamer”; it has some pretty nice styles. I use it for 98% of my presentations.

    And inserting graphics isn’t hard (although it’s not cut-and-paste); \usepackage{graphicx} and then do something like \includegraphics[width=0.8\textwidth]{whatever.pdf} on the appropriate slide to scale it. Floating stuff around text is a little harder but manageable.

  2. Chris,

    what beamer theme do you use? You have inspired me to try beamer out again…

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