Somehow, I managed to set the default language in the autospell in microsoft word in my laptop to French. No obvious way to return it back to english.

Damn you microsoft word on a laptop with a touch pad.

Update: fixed. But still.

Another update: it keeps switching itself back to French. Mon dieu!


2 responses to “Cursed

  1. Hi V
    I onced turned the default language of one of my friend’s cell phone to arabic. That was fun.
    He is still my friend, btw.
    double click on the language symbol doesn’t work? It works on my laptop.
    Another possibility might be: System settings –> regional and time settings –> language settings… (Sorry, that’s only happy guessing, I don’t know what it’s in English, exactly – my computer speaks German.;) )
    Hope this helps,

  2. silke,

    thanks. The word preferences allowed me to change it, I delete french word from the file, and the rebooted. So far, so good.

    Knock on wood.


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