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Nothing like

have an empty email inbox at the end of the week. A state I rarely achieve, but enjoy intensely when I can achieve it.

I learned a new and useful phrase today: marginal efficiency. Meaning making the decision fast enough and doing the job well enough to achieve your desired ends in the least amount of time.

Marginal efficiency: I want it. I will get it.

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Valuable paper writing advice

From Gregory Benford and Confessions of a science librarian

My favorite piece of advice in the article is to make sure that you have as many trendy buzz words in your title as possible. And of course, make sure that you overstate your results.

Suppose that you view a paper as a mature adult when the acceptance letter is finally written. According to that time-scale, the paper is probably a young toddler at first submission.

found via: See Jane Compute


I wish that when I was on the job market, I knew what I know now. All the things I was tense about then are irrelevant. I should have been tense about all the things I thought were irrelevant back then.

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Open source

All the open source tools are great. But I generally feel like a giant idiot when I first try them—the documentation is written for someone other than me—typically the designer of the tool, or someone who already understands how to use the software already. I know that I should volunteer to rewrite some of the documentation. Even after using some of the tools, I likely don’t understand enough of them to write decent documentation.

I am sure there is a teaching lesson in here, somewhere.

I wonder where the name came from

Berkeley Madonna 8.3.18 – Mac OS X – VersionTracker

Its a tool to solve ODEs numerically.

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What to wear when teaching

The students treat me better—with more respect—when I wear a tie.

Mark Cuban on “the suit” – (37signals)

I wonder why?

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Don’t give two papers in one seminar

It’s too fast. Or the papers are too short. Either way, it does not give a good signal about your ability to teach and do research.

Discipline specific advice, I think.