Here is a nice post with some interesting comments on how to deal with cheating:  Marginal Revolution: The Law of Below Averages

I agree that cheaters ‘on average’ never prosper. But it is the ‘on the margin’ stuff that is more interesting.

I suppose though that is why we worry about all the grades when making the decisions.  I wonder too, exactly what we are certifying with our grades.  It is confusing enough to decide to make them absolute or relative.  So I make them relative, but you cannot pass or get an A unless you make some sort of absolute level.

How good are humans at judging expertise, anyway?

Can you tell I did grades this week?

One of my favorite professors used exams to explain dynamic consistency, and rules vs. discretion.

We have exams to make sure you work to learn the material.  But off course, once you learn the material, why bother with the exam–it only makes extra work for everyone. It is therefore optimal to cancel the test once you have studied and the instructor knows that you have studied.  If you knew that was the outcome, why study, since you will never be tested.  Hence, exams, and rules for requiring exams.

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