Daily Archives: December 5, 2006

The Wall Street Journal is getting smaller.

In this piece from Slate this morning, I learned that Canadians are frostbacks:

For the sake of Journal readers—which include me—I hope the changes are for the better, but Seelye’s reporting convinces me that the redesign is part of a greater Wall Street Journal retreat. She notes that it recently closed its Canadian bureau (before you e-mail me the predictable Canada joke, remember that the frostbacks are the United States’ biggest trading partner), and that it has reduced its overseas operations.

There are some good slogans for the paper. Here is my favorite:

Smaller but pompous as ever. —Tim Surdyk

(That might describe some of my terser writing.)

The reporting is top-notch in the Journal, but I often scratch my head reading the editorial page. It’s like there are two separate papers there.
Frostbackingly yours,