Teaching questions

A mish-mash:

* How far in advance should you prepare? I have done it all ways, with varying success. Too early, and the lecture loses some edginess, brought on by sheer panic caused by last minute prep. If I do it a the last minute, the jokes are always better when I am wound up before class, although it’s a bit tense right before class.

* How to correct students when they enthusiastically give a wrong answer to the cold call question. How to be firm but nice?

* How important are the slides, really? I have given great lectures with bad slides and terrible lectures with good slides.

* How many jokes? I have had too many, and the students think I am a joker. I have had too few, and the students thing I am too serious.

* What fraction of the students should like you? Or more importantly, what fraction should dislike you?

* What is the best way to unwind after a long class—-I always need a beer or a run. Depending on the time of day that the class ends.

* Homework assignments are for the students to learn. Too few points, and they don’t take them seriously. Too many, and they will cheat, and complain when they are too hard, even though they learn the most if there is hard stuff in the homework.


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