Why did the gum makers

change the way that they package gum? Most gum I buy used to be packaged  in a rectangular box shaped package with the openings on one side, with the pieces stacked on top of each other.  But now, the gum is packaged in a kind of envelope, with the gum placed side by side.  Every time I put the envelope package into my coat pocket or bag, all the gum falls out.  So now I am picky about which gum I buy.

Why the hell was it changed? 

Orbit brand (?) gum also comes in this terrible packaging.  No bother, since I have never bought that brand — the advertisements confuse me too much.

(Sorry for the dull and pompous sounding post.  It was written because I am cleaning out my backpack for work travel, and finding flattened gum in a sticky puddle at the bottom of my pack.  Annoying. So I guess the post is tangentially work related.)


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