This is indeed hard to believe:

Pic of the Day: Captainbeefflaps Clearly Michael Stipe is shopping for someone else besides Mario Battali? From Gawker.

(I understand that Paris is going to be celibate for the next year.  So maybe Captain Beefheart will help her deal with some excess energy?)
That CD was difficult for me, and I (kinda) like experimental music. The picture supports my wife and sister’s comments about why people buy such CD’s: Signaling. But exactly what are they signaling? (I would put the Velvet Underground Banana record in the same category, but you know what, I that that it’s pretty damn good. That’s me signaling.) But ‘Metal Machine Music.’ What the hell was Lou Reed thinking?
I see this academically. The people who want to learn obscure technical stuff that they will never use, although it’s cool. Back in the 90’s, people doing “new-Foucault” stuff. I never, I mean never, ever, understood what the heck they were talking about. But that did not stop me from feeling like a fool when I talked to them. I was just too damn simplistic (and never looked good with a ponytail and turtleneck, either.)
And of course Rush fans. (I might as well insult everyone I hung out in college with. What the hell.)

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