Now it’s mid-August. Time for some accountability; how am I doing on my New Year’s Resolutions?

  1. 3 papers under review. Nope. But I have 2, still.
  2. Write reports quickly. Better, but I still wait too long to start. Surprisingly, the journals that pay get faster reports.
  3. Small and focussed conferences. Did that this summer.
  4. Less whining. Yes.
  5. Important topics. Yes-and not starting new papers unless they meet that criteria.
  6. Refusing PhD students. No-I am a soft-hearted wimp.
  7. Project with PhD student. Yes. And an important topic, too.
  8. Commenting. Bad V. Bad V.
  9. Enjoy. Yes.
  10. Seminars. Not yet, but starting next fall, watch out.
  11. Weekly GTD. Yes.
  12. Pleasing everyone else. Yes-I am down to concentrating on my family.
  13. Output, not input. Yes. I don’t count input much anymore, unless there is output at the end.

Overall, not bad. But lots of room for improvement.


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