End of day rules, that I break and pay for

every time.

  • Don’t leave the office with a messy stack of papers/notes on the desk. It slows down work the next day arriving to a messy desk.
  • Leave on a high note.
  • Don’t forget to write down what I need to do when the task arrives. Otherwise, puff, won’t get done in time. Or at all.
  • Don’t work too late at night. I cannot sleep anymore without a few hour buffer from work. So, I need to have some alcohol to relax me and get me to sleep. It never works. And sleeping in generally is not an option when you have kids.
  • Don’t answer the phone close to the end of the day. Also, don’t hastily write any emails then.
  • The end of the day is not the right time to lock your keys in the office.

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