Down time

Sometimes, I just need to stop and think. Here’s why: Presentation Zen on creativity

I sometimes get too wound up about writing, presentation, grammar, etc. etc. Sometimes you just need a day to daydream about new ideas, where to go, and what to work on. Intellectual play. After all, that’s is why I went into this job. It’s also why I can’t teach or write referee reports all the time. I need ‘deadlineless’ periods. They are getting hard to come by, though.

One of the big advantages of ‘Getting things done’ for me is emptying out my head and putting things into a trusted system. Then I can actually have an empty headed daydream day when appropriate, without the fires igniting in my head.


One response to “Down time

  1. I agree. The problem is just finding those days–or even half days–especially if you have kids who aren’t in school all day yet (I have two).

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