Oh oh. Another neat blog.

How much of this will transfer to my job?

Miss Snark, the literary agent: A Little Too Much is Probably Enough:

A Little Too Much is Probably Enough

Dear Miss Snark:

I, too received a rejection with a ‘keep up in mind for other projects’ notation written at the bottom. Now, I have other projects, but is it wise to start querying a second manuscript while other agents are looking at partials, and the number one agent on your list is reading a full?

And perhaps, the bigger question: At what point do you decide to stick a manuscript into that ‘under the bed’ file and move on to pitch the next?

Pats to KY, and help yourself to my Bombay Sapphire.
“Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.”

Oh, that is Miss Snark’s new motto! Call the armorer for rewelding the escutcheons!

First, I think you should keep as much stuff in circulation as you can afford and keep track of. If Agent A has a full on Manuscript A there’s nothing nitwittish about sending Manuscript B to Agent Q. Just keep good notes.

I have found a new corner of the blogging world—literary agents. Not that I ever want to write a novel, but maybe a book one day (although it’s pretty rare in my field.)


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