I am too wishy-washy

I found this link through the getting things done google group http://blog.fastcompany.com/archives/2006/04/18/leading_ideas_decisiveness_generates_momentum.html

I am posting it because I want to remember it. My most stressful periods happen when I wait to make a decision. Here is my favorite part from the link:

Try This:

1. Get a copy of your to-do list
2. Be decisive about each item – are you going to Do it, Delegate it, or Delete it
3. Write out steps and a timeline for things you need to do.
4. Do it
5. Recognize that the more decisive you are, the easier the process gets.

I tried it. And it works. I have been following the strategy, but sporadically. Now we are close to the end of the semester, all that 'waiting to do stuff' has bunched up. Most of my backlog is not that I have too much to do, but instead because I keep wanting to defer decisions. I am too busy to make a decision, which in the end means that I make no decision, instead letting important stuff slide. This is why my head is now throbbing with stress.

And the issue is not only work related, but pretty well everything in my life. In fact, it is even true about why I got my PhD and became an academic; it seemed like the easy path (ha!) when I started and so I just drifted to becoming an academic.


by Qumana


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