random gibberish today

  • A problem I have with blackboard/online grade entering systems is that the students see the grades before they get the exam back–leading to extra emails.
  • I read about the ‘grandmother died’ excuses on inside higher ed. I have had my share; I do wonder if journal editors get similar excuses for late reports?
  • My personal learning style is different than about 90% of the students. If I try to teach the way I would like to be taught, problems ensue.
  • The less complicated things are, the more students seem to learn in class. But if I make things seem too simple, the students don’t work by themselves, and then don’t learn the material deeply.
  • Over and out. Too nice a day to be online.
  • Addendum: forgot to add. I had to get files from an old XP computer yesterday, and I had lost my password (stupid, I know.) Googling ‘lost XP password’ let me change the password in about an hour. I have no technology skills to speak of. But now, I know how easy XP is to crack (I already knew it about some Linux distributions.) An eye-opener.

One response to “random gibberish today

  1. Re: Blackboard and grades; you can enter the grades but have them hidden until you hand back the exams. Unfortunately, unlike other content, there’s no way (that I’ve found, at least) to unhide it automatically at a specific time.

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