Faculty meetings

Unknown Professor writes about faculty meetings, with some good rules:

Financial Rounds: Surviving Faculty Meetings

Here are my favorites:

Rule #1:Thou shalt keep thy mouth shut until tenured.

Rule#5: Do not take sides in contentious disputes. Just. Don’t. If you take someone’s side they won’t remember it ten minutes later, and those on the other side may hold it against you.

I would add one more:

The first few meetings you go to, pay attention to who talks and the reactions that they receive. Watch people’s body language as discussions happen. You can learn a lot about people’s power by seeing the reactions they get in faculty meetings. Mainly you learn who is taken seriously and who isn’t. It is always surprising to me the inverse relationship between talking and being taken seriously. After a few meetings, you might be able to predict what different people will say, and when.

You might want to correlate what was said at the meetings with the actual outcomes, too.


One response to “Faculty meetings

  1. Great advice. It’s particularly helpful since I’ll be moving to a new school in the fall. It’s always good to start out on the right foot.

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