A shallow insight

Even since I have put less on my slides, students pay more attention to me. You would think that would be better. Not always. Now I cannot just bullshit and be sure that they have a good record to use for solving problems. I need to engage them all.

Still need to work on handouts, I guess. Even thought the students have a perfectly good textbook that they don’t read.

I still notice lots of great teachers have terrible slides. Maybe slides are not all that important.

Today I gave a lecture to 60 people in class. Three students were passing notes, and I finally had to ask them to stop. It was like a flashback to middle school, where I never got any notes, only watched everyone else pass them. Boo f*ck1ng hoo.

My faith was restored when good students asked quite perceptive questions in class. F*ck1ng A. Teach smart students interesting stuff, and they will get it. Don’t baby them.


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