Missed exams

Why is there always someone who tries to reschedule the exam to their own schedule? Even if I announce the exam the first day of class? And why do they seem so surprised when I say no? I am the only one the does not reschedule?

It never seems to matter on the number of people in the class.

I am, as always, puzzled.


2 responses to “Missed exams

  1. Somehow, (far more often than not) it seem like the “rescheduler” ends up with a D or F.

    A students also reschedule, but they tell you ahead of time and take the exam early, not late.

  2. A gross generalization follows.

    For the A students, rescheduling is because they are on a sports team, or are sick or have a job interview. The others are because they slept in or because they have to “go out of town” for a holiday.

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