It is the end of the month. How am I doing with my New Year Resolutions?

  1. Well, I have one paper under review, so I am not meeting the three paper rule. But two are close (only counts in hand grenades, as the saying goes, though).
  2. I have actually speeded up writing reports and have even started turning some down (but I still have 6 to do. Painful.)
  3. No conferences yet, but I did agree to go to one later in the spring.
  4. Just get on with it. Doing that.
  5. Important topics. No time for new papers now. Who am I kidding-6 reports to write. But I am thinking in the correct direction.
  6. Refusing PhD students. Not yet-but we don’t have new students yet anyway.
  7. A project with a student: I have started moving on this one.
  8. More commenting. Yes.
  9. Enjoy my job. Yes. Writing about it here has helped with that. A lot.
  10. Seminars. Not yet.
  11. Weekly GTD. Yes.
  12. Less worried. Yes.
  13. Remember: Output not input. You betcha.

It has turned out to be valuable to have a semi-public record on this site.


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