It is the end of the month. How am I doing with my New Year Resolutions?

  1. Well, I have one paper under review, so I am not meeting the three paper rule. But two are close (only counts in hand grenades, as the saying goes, though).
  2. I have actually speeded up writing reports and have even started turning some down (but I still have 6 to do. Painful.)
  3. No conferences yet, but I did agree to go to one later in the spring.
  4. Just get on with it. Doing that.
  5. Important topics. No time for new papers now. Who am I kidding-6 reports to write. But I am thinking in the correct direction.
  6. Refusing PhD students. Not yet-but we don’t have new students yet anyway.
  7. A project with a student: I have started moving on this one.
  8. More commenting. Yes.
  9. Enjoy my job. Yes. Writing about it here has helped with that. A lot.
  10. Seminars. Not yet.
  11. Weekly GTD. Yes.
  12. Less worried. Yes.
  13. Remember: Output not input. You betcha.

It has turned out to be valuable to have a semi-public record on this site.


One response to “Resolutions

  1. 2 is not bad.

    Keep up the good work.

    Input counts for nothing. Nobody wants to hear about the labor pains. They just want to see the baby.

    Let us know when you hit another publication. We are all pulling for you!

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