I wonder

In my field, research output is measured by publications in journals. But not all publications are equal.

I remember hearing in graduate school: ‘It’s OK to publish one paper there–that’s not too bad. But don’t publish two. The second subtracts from your vita, not adds to it.’

Is that really true? Is a publication in a some outlets worse than shelving the paper? (I have had my fair share.) I used to think worse. But now, getting the paper into print is a win. And all publications take lots of work–as long as the publication is refereed, the referee is going to want some revision. Never minor, either.


One response to “I wonder

  1. I think it depends on the level of the school. At least in my discipline, at top schools publishing in jorunals that are at too low a level is taken negatively.

    At lower-tier schools, that’s not the case.

    However, if you have a bunch of 2nd-tier publications, a top-tier one (like a Journal of Finance or a Journal of Financial Economics) makes the lower-tier ones look better. It’s not rational, but I’ve heard it too often to discount it.

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