Work leads to (new) work.

I have started reading this book by Robert Boice:

It’s great. Thanks, Unknown Professor.

The book strongly recommends (really says do it, or don’t be a researcher) that you to do some writing on your research every day. I really like the idea of writing everyday—and doing it before you do the fun stuff (like say, writing your blog, or reading other blogs).

Anyway, one of the benefits when I get going on writing a paper is that ‘Work leads to new work.’ I mean that writing my ideas down carefully and clearly leads to new ideas for research. When I procrastinate on writing a project, I don’t get anything done on the current project, nor do I get any interesting new ideas. But once I am working, things happen.

Revising a paper for the nth time (after it has been through a few journals), that’s another story!

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One response to “Work leads to (new) work.

  1. I agree that this is a great book. I like the fact that he did research to back up his claims!

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