Free powerpoint?

Update: lost the image importing from blogger.

I like the image. I could imagine using it in a powerpoint slide; maybe for class, or maybe for a seminar presentation.

That brings me to my point. I have tried a few times using powerpoint slides provided by textbooks. What the hell are the publishers thinking when they provide such terrible slides? Even relying on them to discuss the examples in the text requires so much editing as to be a waste of time. Too much on the slides, long rambly sentence bulletpoints, gratuitous animation, terrible color schemes, no flow, and so on. Not that I am an expert, but they never seem to work for me in class. Perhaps I have just had a bad sample.

Yet the textbook reps always take pains to point out that the books have powerpoint. Why do they bother?

(Written because I wanted to test out posting an image.)


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