New Years resolutions

This ( post led me to start this blog. I needed to have a blogger account to comment on that post. The advice in that post is good.

Here are my academic resolutions for the year:

  1. Make sure that I have at least 3 manuscripts at various stages of review all the time. Currently, I have one manuscript under review (second round), 3 revise and resubmits to finish, 2 manuscripts almost ready to submit, and two new projects under way. Once I figure out how to use the side columns of this site, I am going to use that to record output.
  2. Write my referee reports quickly. Each report now takes me about a day—-good or crappy paper. Right now, I have 5 reports to write. Start refusing some refereeing assignments.
  3. Go to more small and focused conferences, and talk more at the conferences I do go to.
  4. Less whining about how unfair academics is. Just get on with it.
  5. Spend more time thinking about topics that I think are important, and that I have comparative advantage with. Stop ‘chasing the herd.’
  6. Start refusing some PhD students; right now I have 6 students and not enough time to spend with each one.
  7. Start a project with one of the PhD students.
  8. Spend some more time commenting on other people’s papers when they send them to me.
  9. Enjoy being an academic. It is a pretty fun job.
  10. Go to more seminars outside my direct field. I have lots to choose from . I need to learn some new tools and seminars are a cheap way to do so—-or at least to figure out what tools are available.
  11. Start doing my weekly GTD reviews. Right now, I am using some of the GTD tools (lists, empty mailbox) but not all (weekly reviews and longer term strategizing).
  12. Become less worried about pleasing everyone else.
  13. Remember the thing I learned when first starting out: Output matters, not input.

Some of those things contradict each other.

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One response to “New Years resolutions

  1. Very nice. I’ve linked your resolutions on my blog with an invitation to my readers (all 3 or 4 of them) to harass you (and me) if we don’t post updates).

    Welcome to the pointy-headed corner of the blogosphere.

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